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Esco VacciXcell is named after our two main focuses: VACCines x CELL Therapy. Esco VacciXcell is the bioprocessing division of Esco Group of Companies. Esco Group of companies has been providing enabling technologies to make human lives healthier and safer since 1978.  Our process development teams have been providing process developmental services at client sites since 2002, in 2017 we moved all our process development into a new independent subsidiary Esco Aster.

Esco VacciXcell specializes in marketing and manufacturing bioprocessing equipment for adherent cell culture. VacciXcell's core technology, the Tide Motion system, is an ideal platform for high yield and low-cost production of biologics like vaccines, mAb, protein, and stem cell for therapy among others. Moreover, we provide turnkey manufacturing solutions. It is our primary vision to help developing nations be self-sufficient in the manufacturing, storing, distribution and administration of vaccines and other biologics. We reach out to our target market by utilizing Esco's presence in over 100 countries globally. It has always been our mission to provide our clients with a complete solution from Discovery to Delivery for all their bioprocessing needs. We do this by ensuring a high quality, efficient, dependable and cost-effective product line.


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