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Tide Technology History

Tide technology is continually being developed and is being marketed under the Esco Healthcare division VacciXcell

Launched the TideCell® Cell Harvest System and AutoSwitch System.

Successfully installed TideCell® 100L system in Japan for Hepatitis vaccine production.

This is the first case that demonstrated the linear scale-up capability of the Tide motion system

Successfully installed TideCell® 100L system in India for rabies vaccine  production

Launched the TideCell® 2L system

Launched the TideCell® 20L system

Launched and installed single-use TideCell® 100L system in China vaccine company. It is used for rabies vaccine production.

Launched and installed the single-use TideCell® 10L system in China vaccine company. It is used for hog cholera vaccine production.

TideCell® is the first single-use high density cell culture system introduced in the Chinese market

Launched the single-use CelCradleTM system. CelCradleTM is the first high density single-use laboratory scale cell culture system.  One CelCradleTM bottle can replace up to  20 roller bottles

Launched the BioNOC II macrocarriers

Launched the GlucCell® glucose meter. GlucCell® is the first palm-sized portable glucose meter made specifically for cell culture process monitoring in the world

Launched BioNOC macrocarrier. BioNOC is the first macroporous carrier in the world that uses only one type of material.

Launched the autoclavable TideCell® systems with 5L and 25L matrix bed volumes

Development of the single-use TideCell® prototype and complementary products in ITRI Biomedical Technology  and Device Research Laboratories, Taiwan.

TideCell® is the second single-use bioreactor developed in the world (after the 1998 Wave system).