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XL (Xiangliang) Lin

Founder, President / CEO

XL Lin serves as Director of Market Development for Esco Group.

He founded and manages the Esco Pharma Division within the Esco group of companies in 2009 developing the companies' very first cGMP Downflow/Containment Booths and Isolation systems from Concept Development to Sales, Project management, site-work and validation.

Under his leadership Esco Pharma has expanded from just a small division to now having 3 factories globally in USA/ UK and Singapore.

He brings his unique skillset in social entrepreneurship, market development, strategic product development, global alliance networking, sales/contract management, clean air/containment facility and systems design / integration into VacciXcell.

XL Lin graduated with a Bachelor of Sciences from University of Sydney he is currently pursuing various options for further studies.