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Egg Based Production to Closed System

Egg based production has been the traditional form of virus production specially for influenza vaccines. 12 day old fertilized pathogen free eggs are marked, pierced and inoculated with the desired virus. The virus is then allowed to replicate for about 48 hours at 37 degrees. The allantoic fluid that contains the virus is then harvested. Two eggs worth of viruses is approximately equal to 1 dose of vaccine.

Recent innovations in bioprocessing technology has allowed cell-based production of vaccines. Vero in particular, is one of the first universally approved cell line for human vaccine production. Cell based vaccine production has several advantages vs egg based vaccine production.

First, cell based production is not affected by any pandemic that might affect poultry. Only healthy chicken eggs may be used for vaccine production and thus such an event would halt vaccine production. On the other hand, cell based production uses established cell lines that is not susceptible to such risks.

Second, cell based vaccines production potentially also provide better quality products as compared to egg based vaccine production. Cell based production would use mammalian cell lines instead of the traditional chicken egg. The closer cellular relationship would lead to better protection. Egg based vaccines can also cause allergic reactions to some patients

Third, cell based production would require relatively less production space than egg based production. Instead of requiring room sized incubators to house thousands of eggs, industries can instead use packed bed bioreactors that can fit inside a small room.

Fourth, less man power and thus less operational cost is required for cell based production. Inoculating thousands of eggs would require several personnel to perform while inoculating a bioreactor would only require one operator to do so. This goes for parameters monitoring and harvesting as well.

Finally, closed system bioreactors are ideal in ensuring that the desired products would not be contaminated in any way during the culture process. In addition, this would also mean that outbreaks of infectious virus throughout the facility would be minimized.

Esco VacciXcell's Closed System TideMotion Bioreactor

Esco VacciXcell's tidemotion bioreactor is the perfect companion for all sorts of virus production for vaccines. It is the only packed bed bioreactor available in the market that is truly linearly scalable from 0.1 L to 5,000 L. VacciXcell's tidemotion bioreactor also boasts of being one of the highest yielding packed bed bioreactors while providing one of the lowest overall cost. Due to the proprietary macrocarrier technology, BioNOC II, a 0.1 L bioreactor is able to culture up to 5x109 cell density. Being the only truly linearly scalable bioreactor, development process and parameter optimization is reduced to a minimum during scaling up, reducing both process time and development cost.

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