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Vaccine for Dust Mite Desensitization

Dust mites is a very common entity in a household. In fact, more than 80% of all houses has dust mites. Dust mites like to stay in cozy areas where they can easily feed of dead skin that falls off such as your bed. To make things worse, more than 40% of people who has allergies are also allergic to dust mites. Symptoms from dust mite allergy includes runny nose, sneezing, itchy eyes, among others.

Fortunately, a recent breakthrough has been achieved by using bacterial DNA-based vaccines to program the immune response to dust mites thus lessening its allergic reaction. With this new breakthrough, desensitization to dust mites are now possible.

This bacterial DNA-based vaccines would require bacterial microorganisms to be culture in an environment that would allow them to proliferate efficiently without risk of contamination or risk of contaminating the environment. VacciXcell's StirCradleTM and StirCradle-Pro are just the bioreactors for the job.

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