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Vaccine for Hay Fever (Pollen) Desensitization

Pollen are tiny particles from plants which are easily airborne and thus get carried to great distances from where they originate, making those allergic to it to get irritating pulmonary symptoms.

The danger with pollen vaccines is that pollen tends to provoke one of the more hazardous responses in the world of allergens. Due to this, it would take years of immunotherapy to finally become desensitized to pollen.

Fortunately, technology has advance and scientists has found a way to chemically alter pollens such that they will not be so reactive in the body, allowing for shorter and more efficient therapy sessions.

Hay fever vaccines should be prepared in a sterile to avoid other substances and foreign objects to enter the patient's body along with the vaccine. VacciXcell provides a wide arrange of Biosafety Cabinets or you may visit (Link: Tapestle RX website and Esco Pharma website) for more information on isolators and cleanrooms