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Bovine Ephemeral Fever Virus


Bovine Ephemeral Fever virus (BEFV) is an insect transmitted virus that causes bovine ephemeral fever or three-day sickness. It is non-contagious, viral disease that affects cattle and water buffalo. Symptoms of the disease include fever, stiffness, lameness and discharges coming from the nose and eyes. BEFV is not known to affect humans.


Attenuated vaccine is the best known form of immunization from BEFV. Inactivated vaccine can be used as boosters to attenuated vaccines but is not capable of providing a long term protection on its own.

Vaccine Production

BEFV can be cultured in-vitro through propagation in MDBK and Vero cell lines. VacciXcell's tidemotion bioreactor is the best truly linearly scalable bioreactor currently available in the market for culturing adherent cells, including MDBK and Vero cells. Using this technology, it is easier to scale up and achieve production scale for vaccine production.

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