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Influenza Virus Type A (H5N1)


H5N1 is a highly pathogenic virus that is known to affect respiratory systems of birds resulting to what is termed to as "bird flu". Though there is no human strain of H5N1, those who are in contact with infected birds have a small chance of contracting the virus. Those who have been infected by the Avian H5N1 have a high mortality rate, estimated at 60% by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Symptoms include fever, muscle aches and respiratory complications such as coughing, breathing problems and pneumonia. Severity of the symptoms are highly dependent on the affected person's immune system.


H5N1 vaccine for poultry is currently available in the market but H5N1 vaccine for the human population is not accessible generally speaking. In the case of a pandemic, it would take several months for companies to produce a viable vaccine for human application.

Vaccine Production

H5N1 can be cultured in-vitro through propagation in a variety of cell lines such as Vero, MDCK and MDBK. VacciXcell's tidemotion bioreactor is the best truly linearly scalable bioreactor currently available in the market for culturing adherent cells, including MDBK, MDCK and Vero cells. Using this technology, it is easier to scale up and achieve production scale for vaccine production.

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