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Secreted Virus

Secreted virus are viruses which are produced outside the cultured cells. The viruses are then expelled and mixed into the culture media. These kinds of viruses can only be harvested by harvesting the culture media wherein they are mixed in.

The challenge in processing these kinds of viruses is in the process of isolating the viruses from the other components and elements mixed within the culture media. The media at the point of harvest would have several waste components such as the cell hosts, cell debris and cellular waste. In addition, some culture media uses serum which further complicates the isolation process for the secreted viruses.

The culture broth would then undergo downstream processing which such as clarification, purification, and concentration among other. Due to the condition of the culture broth, downstream processing for these kinds of viruses usually entails high cost and long processing time.

VacciXcell Solution

VacciXcell's tidemotion bioreactor is the most effective and innovative equipment for high density adherent cell culture. It is perfect for secreted virus production due to two major fact, its proprietary BioNOC II macrocarrier and its proprietary tidemotion technology.

BioNOC II carriers ensures that the cells are fixed during and after culture, making sure that there are no cells that will be harvested along with the media, immediately lessening the culture broth content thus reducing downstream processing requirements.

The proprietary tidemotion technology ensure that cultured cells will not experience shear stress thus minimizing cell death and cell debris. The efficient transfer of nutrients and oxygen during culture would also lessen the cellular waste while increasing productivity.

In addition to all of this, VacciXcell also offers serum free culture media and serum replacements, further reducing the downstream processing required.

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