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Beauty in a Bottle


Jan 05, 2018


Stem cell therapies have been widely known to treat numerous diseases such as cancer. However, stem cells have also been a huge head turner in the skin care world. Cosmeceutical science is advancing to discover and deliver skin treatments that can aid in skin regeneration, rejuvenation, and aging.

Skin aging is primarily due to the decrease in collagen content and alterations in the dermal extracellular matrix. The breakdown of resiliency and skin thickness in the dermal layers result in wrinkles and fine lines. The most common surgical skin treatments present in the industry today include injection therapies, skin peels, laser surgery, and face-lifts. However, these interventions are often painful and may result in complications. Aside from non-invasive remedies for skin aging, skin-care manufacturers have added a better alternative: stem cells.

Stem cells produce growth factors and aid in the production of collagen, elastin, and proteins. Growth factors and proteins are of great interest in cosmeceuticals to establish cosmetic skin effects and to replace painful treatments. These key components are normally produced by stem cells that were stimulated to form serums. Once applied, this beauty in a bottle promotes skin firmness and helps slow down the development of wrinkles or fine lines.

Anti-aging serums come in varieties as not all stem cells are the same. Stem cells such as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs), play a vital role in the body's defense against injury and stress. These cells can be grown and cultured in the laboratory (in vitro) to secrete proteins and peptides, including growth factors, into the nutrient medium in which they are cultured. The conditioned cell growth medium exposed to cells in culture is called conditioned media.

Conditioned media, or usually referred to as serum in cosmeceuticals, is a new trend that led to whole new generation of skin-care products. It provided a promise of effectivity that skin effects such as skin texture, tone, and color improvement are observed when applied to the skin. When done daily, structural changes such as diminution of wrinkles can also be seen. This product trend provided a great impact beyond skin and aging, but maintaining and producing this type of product requires consistency and reproducibility.

The concentration of stem cells in the product matters. A high percentage of stem cell content should be indicated in the product to ensure effectiveness. Some cosmeceutical manufacturing companies opt to do cell culture in packed-bed bioreactors for large scale production of serum. Moreover, conditioned media from three-dimensional cell cultures offer a better surface area, increased cell to cell interactions, and potential cell migration. This means that cells will grow at a higher yield and secrete products to meet the target requirement. Commercially available Hybrid Bioreactor of Esco VacciXcell, utilizes the 3-dimensional way of culturing cells (BioNOC II) and operates under the Tide Motion principle. This system also enables 100% media exchange perfect for producing conditioned media.

Finding beauty in aging continues to develop a sense of self-love and keep that practice over time. This beauty in a bottle exists not only for the benefit of beautiful skin, but also to aid in the advances or innovations it may be used for.


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About Conditioned Media

Conditioned media is defined as the media obtained from a culture process. This media contains a huge number of secreted products by differentiating cells.  These products may be proteins that can be made into serum for cosmeceutical purpose.

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