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CPhI China 2017


Jul 14, 2017




CPhI China brings together domestic and international pharmaceutical  companies every year to share ideas and innovations in China. LABWorld China 2017, in partnership with CPhI, is a grand exhibition held at the New International Expo Center, N1, Shanghai, China.

Esco VacciXcell participated in the event to provide a comprehensive display of cutting-edge technology.


Esco VacciXcell Booth


Esco VacciXcell showcased the CelCradleTM together with TideCell® bioreactor. The bioreactors have attracted the attention of many enthusiastic visitors and exhibitors alike.


TideCell® Bioreactor


Both CelCradleTM and TideCell® use a innovative culture method called the tide motion technology.  CelCradleTM and TideCell® are the world’s first fully single-use bioprocessing method and is linearly scalable.




CelCradle™ is an easy-to-use economical bench-top bioreactor for high-density adherent cell culture. It is designed according to the tide-motion principle, in which the compression and decompression of the bellows allows the cells to keep in touch with the cultured nutrients and air. This provides a cell culture environment with low cell shear, no foaming and bubbling, and aeration nutrition requirement.


TideCell® 2L Pilot Scale Bioreactor


The TideCell™  bioreactor system is the world's largest linearly scalable packed bed bioreactor. The system can be scaled from a small scale of 500 ml to a 5000 L scale of production and can be harvested for seed amplification by using a closed automated cell harvesting system. The TideCell bioreactor system is a complete platform that supports customers from laboratory research to production scale.

Esco VacciXcell is honored and thankful to be a part of such big event and will continue its promise to make human life healthier, cleaner and safer. Esco VacciXcell thanks all the organizers, visitors and co-exhibitors for making this event successful

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