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TideCell® Closed System for Aseptic Bioprocessing


Jan 04, 2018


Aseptic bioprocessing is a major challenge in vaccine manufacturing, whether for microbial, viral, recombinant protein, and polysaccharide vaccines. The operation, from cell culture to cell harvesting should be in a pristine environment. Biopharmaceutical companies are working toward this goal. Innovative single-use bioreactors continue to be introduced, giving them greater flexibility for replacing traditional processes. Hence, closed system bioreactors are ideal in ensuring that the desired products would not be contaminated in any way during the culture process.

Esco VacciXcell’s TideCell® Tide Motion bioreactor is a closed system that is a better alternative for time-consuming, error-prone processes and high-cost manufacturing.

TideCell® Closed System TideCell® Cell Harvesting System

TideCell® is fully enclosed and automated which reduces the risk of contamination and increases the control of the production of biologics. The system can replace thousands of 850cm2 roller bottles for up to 20,000 pieces with small footprint. The Tide Motion principle in TideCell® system allows simple medium exchange and enhanced medium consumption productivity, which is a large cost in cell culture systems.

The Tidecell® matrix vessel is transferred to the TideCell® Cell Harvesting System (TCCHS). Harvesting protocol will be similar as user’s current harvesting protocol. The TCCHS allows the automated and closed system harvesting of cells from the matrix vessel. TCCHS utilizes the same conventional cell harvest concept by enzymatic treatment to detach cells from BioNOC™ II macrocarriers.

Esco VacciXcell's Tide Motion principle and Tide Motion bioreactors provide a single-use bioprocessing method with closed automated cell harvesting for seed preparation (0.1 liters packed bed volume) to production (5,000 liters packed bed volume - bioequivalence of 50,000 liters in suspension) all in the same 3D tide motion.

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About Tide Motion Bioreactors

Tide Motion pertains to the gentle oscillation of culture medium into and out of the matrix vessel that intermittently exposes the cells to aeration and nutrition. The upward oscillation exposes the cells to nutrition, while the downward oscillation exposes the cells to aeration. At the same time, this process washes away products and wastes. This oscillation produces no air bubbles and low shear stress. View a range of products at

About Esco VacciXcell

Esco VacciXcell is the bioprocessing division of Esco Group of Companies that specializes in the marketing and manufacturing of bioprocessing equipment for cell culture.

Esco VacciXcell provides turnkey manufacturing solutions using its proprietary Tide Motion technology to help developing nations to be self-sufficient in the manufacturing, storing, distribution, and administration of vaccines and other biologics, thus providing a complete solution from Discovery to Delivery. For more information on VacciXcell, please visit