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Cell Culture Monitoring

Throughout a cell culture experiment, the cells must be regularly analysed both quantitatively and qualitatively. Aside from cellular environment must also be regularly monitored and kept at a constant level in order to ensure that the cells are under optimum growth conditions.

VacciXcell offers kits and devices to facilitate the monitoring of different cell culture parameters.


Crystal Violet Dye Kit

Crystal Violet Dye Nuclei Count Kit is a simple tool for the quantification of cells based on the number of nuclei dyed. The CVD kit contains reagents that disrupt the cells, thereby releasing the nuclei, which are subsequently dyed.


GlucCell® glucose monitoring system simplifies and accelerates glucose measurement during cell culture. The disposable glucose test strips enable the measurement of glucose concentration during mammalian cell and insect cell culture in a few seconds. Just insert the strip, add the sample, and read the result.

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