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Cell Processing

Cell Processing is performed for different applications such as cell banking, cell therapy, gene therapy, vaccine research, and stem cell isolation; thus, cell processing facilities require special equipment and operating conditions.

VacciXcell offers various solutions for Cell Processing applications, highly customizable depending on the client’s requirements.



The CradlePro-Iso is an integrated system that combines the Esco Versati™ Centrifuge, Esco CO2 incubator, and CelCradle™ benchtop bioreactor system inside the Esco HPI G3. The CelCradle™ system provides cells with an environment of low shear stress, zero foaming, and of high rates of aeration and nutrition, while the CO2 incubator controls the cells surrounding conditions.

Cell Processing Center

VacciXcell offers a bio-workstation designed to help facilitate in cell therapy productions. The Cell Processing Center is a self-contained system that delivers an efficient and cost-effective cCMP-compliant processing and manufacturing solution for cell processing. It is equipped with centrifuge, incubator, shaker, and other necessary equipment for cell isolation and handling.

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