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CO2 Incubator

CO2 incubators are used for the laboratory scale cell culture in culture vessels such as T-flasks, cell factories, and roller bottles. They are essential in providing samples with the optimum environmental conditions and sound protection.

VacciXcell offers different models of CO2 incubators, catering to the needs of different clients.



The CelCulture® CO2 Incubator is widely used for the growth and maintenance of cells used in bioprocessing research. It has been designed to provide the superior protection and optimal environment of cells in different culture vessels, including CelCradle™, T-flasks, culture plates, and roller bottles, among others.

CelCulture® with Stainless Steel Exterior

This CO2 Incubator offers the same features as the CelCulture® CO2 Incubator with the addition of the stainless steel exterior. Other key benefits of the CelCulture® CO2 Incubators with Stainless Steel Exterior include corrosion resistant surface, complete contamination control methods (ULPA Filter, 0.2 micron in-line filter, and validated moist heat decontamination cycle 90oC , and meeting of pharmaceutical and clinical laboratory requirements.

CelCulture® with Cooling System

Different cells require different temperatures for optimum growth; for instance, mammalian cells thrive at 37oC, while insect cells grow best at around 27oC and thus a CO2 incubator with the capacity to run at a wide range of temperatures is highly advantageous for multiple applications.

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