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Cold Chain Storage

Cells are extremely temperature-sensitive, with slight changes in their temperatures could inactivate or even kill them. Biopharmaceutical products are also temperature-sensitive and must also be stored in the right temperatures, otherwise they could lose their potency and effectiveness, leading to costly wastes and loses.

In other words, cold chain storage of biopharmaceutical reagents, samples and products is essential to the success in biopharmaceutical manufacturing and thus must always be taken into consideration.

VacciXcell offers a range of high performance cold chain storage equipment to ensure the best protection and optimal environmental temperature for the storage of your reagents, samples and biopharmaceutical products.


Cold Room

VacciXcell takes cold chain storage a step further by providing Cold Room design and construction services. Cold Rooms are used for the large scale storage of bioprocessing products including vaccines and biopharamaceuticals. VacciXcell Cold Rooms are designed for exceptional protection, energy efficiency, and operator ease.

Esco HP Series Laboratory Freezers

Esco HP Series Laboratory Freezers offers exceptional performance for the storage of biopharmaceutical samples and products; for instance, storage of vaccines that require storage at freezer temperature, including vaccines against Varicella, MMRV, and Zoster. It features superior sample protection and long-term durability and reliability and is available in various capacities 128 L, 347 L, 620 L and 1355 L and has a temperature range from -10°C to -40°C.

Esco HP Series Laboratory Refrigerators

ESCO HP Series Laboratory Refrigerator features high quality, long-term reliability and durability, and exceptional protection of cell samples, biopharmaceutical products, and reagents, which require refrigerated temperatures for storage.


Some biological samples and biopharmaceutical products require storage at very low temperatures, lower than those provided by regular laboratory freezers. VacciXcell's solution to this is the Lexicon® II Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, which can operate stably at a temperature of -80oC.

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