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Fermenter/Stirred Tank Bioreactor

VacciXcell completes its bioprocessing solutions by providing a system for the fermentation of microorganisms and culture of suspension cells – StirCradle™ and StirCradle™-Pro. The StirCradle is the laboratory-scale autoclable system while the StirCradle-Pro is the SIP pilot/production scale system.

VacciXcell offers a wide range of fermenter sizes, starting from 5L laboratory scale all the way to 2000L production scale.



StirCradle is a desk-type bioreactor/fermenter for microorganism culture. By combining the vessel, workbench, controller and peristaltic pumps into one integrated system, this patented system effectively provides the most capacity for a small footprint. The StirCradle is ideal for research and development involving microorganism or animal and plant cell cultures.


The StirCradle-Pro is a fully stainless steel fermenter/bioreactor system designed with an automated 5-step cycle SIP system for both culture medium and reactor vessel. VacciXcell offers a wide range of standard reactor capacities from 20L up to 1000L; however, customized reactor sizes are available should the users require

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