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Vaccines require comprehensive cold chain and logistics to ensure efficacy. Most vaccines require an effective cold chain distribution so they do not lose their potency, which adds cost burdens to consumers. The loss of potency is an even greater threat for channels targeting low- and middle-income countries. Technologies that could circumvent a cold chain could reduce losses of potency and efficacy.

Traditional methods include vials, syringes, cartridges and RTU format or in traditional filling lines, and oral vaccines.

Other vaccine delivery systems include polymers in solid particulate vaccine delivery, liposomal delivery systems, emulsion delivery systems, virosomes, polymeric nanoparticle delivery systems, micellar delivery systems, dendrimer-based delivery systems, immunostimulatory complexes, edible vaccines, DNA vaccines, mucosal delivery vaccines, needle-free delivery, jet injectors, microneedles, and melt in mouth strips.

Various vaccine drug delivery systems are now being driven to the spotlight because of the many advantages they offer. Vaccine drug delivery systems are now proven to be patient friendly as they are target specific and provide long term medication in small doses.

What VacciXcell Offers

VacciXcell offers a complete range of filling line equipment suited for both injectable and lyophilized biopharmaceutical products and for different containers including, vials, syringes, ampoules and cartridges. VacciXcell optimizes its filling line design equipment to reduce manual handling by operators and the risk of cross contamination and breakages, which lead to high losses and costs. VacciXcell’s filling line equipment also varies in capacities and production sizes to suit different clients’ specific requirements.

The wide range of VacciXcell filling line products include:



Combining intelligent robotics with isolation containment, the AseptiCell™ brings the filling line technology to a whole new level. The AseptiCell™ is a fully integrated and isolated system for filling of injectable biopharmaceutical products into ready-to-use containers, including vials, syringes and cartridges and is ideal for small to medium batch productions.

Capping Machine

VacciXcell offers a stand-alone capping machine, as the application of aluminium caps is a 'dirty' process, wherein many particulates are created. However, an integrated filling/stoppering/capping monoblock is feasible should the customer require it.

Depyrogenation Tunnel

Depyrogenation Tunnels are designed to continuously sterilize and depyrogenate biopharmaceutical containers in a class 100 environment. Depyrogenation refers to the removal or inactivation of bacterial endotoxins.

External Vial Washer

External vial washers are used to rid filled vials external surfaces of compounds, which may have spilled out during the filling step. This is done in order to reduce personal exposure to potent compounds and to decrease rejection rates during downstream inspection.

Filling/Stopper Inserting Machine

VacciXcell offers a state-of-the-art filling and stopper inserting machine for the filling of liquid biopharmaceutical products into vials, of a range of volumes.


Trayloaders typically come in two styles: row by row loading and mass style loading. VacciXcell features the row by row loading, as this style allows loading an exact number of vials per tray and features sanitary design, easy on vials, small footprint, and simple changeover. VacciXcell trayloaders come in 2 models: EP-TL-100 and EP-TL-200, which differ capacity.

Vial Washer

VacciXcell offers a range of semi-automatic and automatic and low to high speed vial washers, suitable for various production sizes and biopharmaceutical products. VacciXcell vial washers feature a nozzle-free design, which greatly reduces the risk of breakages during vial washing, which can be costly and time consuming.

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