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Laboratory Shaker

Shakers are used for the small scale cultivation of cells, used for research and development, clone propagation, seed preparation, and process development. Different cells can be cultivated in shakers, including mammalian, insect, animal, and bacterial cells.

VacciXcell offers two types of laboratory shakers – ambient and incubated.


OrbiCult™ Benchtop Ambient Shaker

The Orbicult™ Benchtop Ambient Shaker features an outstanding drive mechanism, which guarantees excellent performance during cell culture. Its other features include use in heavy duty and high speeds applications, low maintenance requirement, wide range of accessories, user friendly, audible and visible alarms, CO2 resistant option, and powder-coated external surfaces.

OrbiCult™ Benchtop Incubator Shaker

The Oribult™ Benchtop Incubator Shaker offers precise temperature control and maintenance to provide your cells with the optimum temperature conditions throughout the cell culture duration. The force convection ventilation design of this model ensures consistent and stable temperature. Precise programmable microprocessor extend versatilities through controllable time, speed and temperature.

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