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Streamline® Class II Biological Safety Cabinet, Glass Side Walls (SC2-E series)

Streamline® (E-series)

The Industry's Best Value Class II Biosafety Cabinet

As a global leader in cleanroom industry, Esco offers the latest technology with the best value for your money. The Streamline® (SC2) Class II Biological Safety Cabinets provides optimum performance which is now improved by the latest SentinelTM Silver Microprocessor Controller. New options such as the glass side wall permits added brightness for maximum visibility. Best-in class ISOCIDETM powder coat inhibits microbial growth and provides the cabinet a clean and elegant finish. With its new design and with EN 12469 compliance by the Public Health England (PHE), the new Streamline® Class II Biological Safety Cabinets exceeds standard safety criteria.

Key Benefits:

  • SentinelTM Silver Microprocessor Controller for better monitoring and comfortable control.
  • User, product and environment protection with the best value
  • Robust cabinet construction with elegant aesthetics
  • Ergonomically designed for maximum comfort
  • Glass side walls permit added brightness for maximum visibility


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