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Lexicon® II Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer


Some biological samples and biopharmaceutical products require storage at very low temperatures, lower than those provided by regular laboratory freezers. VacciXcell’s solution to this is the Lexicon® II Ultra-Low Temperature Freezer, which can operate stably at a temperature of -80oC.

Lexicon® II ULT Freezers have passed industry-accepted Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT), which is designed to stress test a large number of Lexicon® Freezers at extreme conditions.

In accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 72-2005 and ARI 1200-2006/2008 guidelines and as tested by a UL validated third party test lab, DNS USA, the Esco Lexicon ULT Freezer surpassed the performance of 5 major competitors with lower energy consumption, superior cabinet performance (as measured by warm-up time), and demonstrated a larger BTU refrigeration reserve capacity.

Superior performance, lower energy costs, better protection, what better way is there to store your samples and products?

The Lexicon® II ULT Freezer is available in 363 L, 480 L, 597 L, and 714 L capacities.


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