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VacciXcell™ Hybrid Bioreactor

VacciXcell™ Hybrid Bioreactor

Over the years, there has been an emerging trend in the demand for biopharmaceuticals in the treatment of diseases. Biopharmaceuticals can be produced with microorganisms, adherent cells or suspended cells. While the recent advances in the technology have paved the way for a more efficient and effective culture of adherent and suspended cells, most bioreactors are only capable of supporting the growth of either adherent cells or suspension cells.

 The VacciXcell™ Hybrid Reactor is a laboratory scale bioreactor system that supports both the growth of suspension and adherent cells. It is capable of processing adherent cell culture using macrocarriers or microcarriers, suspension culture and fermentation. It applies the tide motion principle for adherent culture and stir principle for suspension culture.

The VacciXcell™ Hybrid Reactor is ideal for biopharmaceutical companies who are in the initial stages of research and development and are looking to determine the effectiveness, productivity and feasibility of the mammalian cells, whether as suspended or adherent cells.


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