All bioreactors and fermenters are ready-to-use and delivered with complete FAT, installation, and SAT. The training courses will enable customers to acquire proper knowledge and skills to set up and operate the equipment. In addition, VacciXcell offers advanced courses that cover the topics such as preventive maintenance, inoculation/cell culture and sampling techniques, harvesting and primary product recovery.


Possible sources of contamination during cell culture include improper sealing to the matrix vessel or connectors, non-sterile components in contact with the culture medium, and inappropriate aseptic connection techniques. It is important that filling reagents or connecting tubes must be handled under sterile condition such as a laminar flow cabinet whenever possible.


All commonly-used adherent cells have been grown on the CelCradle™ bioreactor including VERO, HEK 293, CHO, and MDCK cells.


ModelVol. of BioNOC IIMatrix volumeEquivalence to Stirred Tank Bioreactors
Mixing Ratio
Mixing Ratio
TideCell-002110g2000 ml20L40L
TideCell-010550g10,000 ml100L200L
TideCell-0201100g20,000 ml200L400L
TideCell-1005500g100,000 ml1000L2000L


BioNOC II matrix is made of 100% non-woven PET. It is resistant to chemicals and autoclavable.


Yes. All products shipped to the customers are sterilized by gamma irradiation. An irradiation certificate is provided with the product.


For cGMP grade, the minimum quantity is 25 kg. For the lab grade, the minimum order is 1 kg.


No. The meter and strips are not for medical or diagnostic use, and are only for lab and bioprocess application.


Hybrid Bioreactor is a unique and multifunctional bioreactor system for your research and development. The system can perform four types of culture namely: adherent culture using macrocarriers, adherent culture using microcarriers, suspension culture, and fermentation.