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Tide Technology

Majority of cell lines that are used for biologics production were at one point in time adherent in nature. Progressively cell lines were engineered from adherent into suspension to make scaling up easier since there was no linearly scalable bioprocess method for adherent cell lines.

However, not all bioprocessing facilities and/or industries have access to such bioengineered cell lines and proprietary cell lines, especially in the developing countries and countries new to bioprocessing. Moreover, some cell lines such as Vero cells or Mesenchymal stem cells cannot easily be bioengineered into suspension.

Microcarriers, which are traditionally the used to scale-up adherent cells, introduces various issues as well as being lengthy in bioprocessing scale-up time especially for those new to bioprocessing.

Tide motion is a bioprocess method that solves the adherent scale-up problem and provides the world's first fully single-use bioprocessing method with closed automated cell harvesting for seed preparation (0.1 Liter packed bed volume) to production (5,000 Liters packed bed volume - bioequivalence of 50,000 Liters in suspension) all in the same 3D tide motion

Tide motion has the highest kLa (volumetric mass-transfer coefficient) amongst all bioprocessing methods and has unlimited oxygenation via its dual oxygenation method

Tide motion also produces the lowest amount of cell/DNA debris as it has extremely low shear stress with its gentle 2mm/s upward and downward tide motion making it extremely quick to scale-up (by simply upgrading to the next larger tide motion bioreactor). This is useful in lowering and simplifying downstream processing costs as well as in emergency situation such as pandemics where vaccines are required immediately.

Tide Motion is linearly scalable making it extremely simply to translate R&D into the clinic and commercial production without requiring complex know-how in scaling-up.