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Tide Motion Bioreactors

There are many different types of bioreactors available in the market today and choosing the right bioreactor system for cells is crucial in the success the cell culture. The choice of bioreactor system to use highly depend on the type of cells to be produced, the desired product, the process of the cell culture and the product density. VacciXcell bioreactors offers different types of bioreactors, suited for different types of cells.

Tide motion pertains to the oscillation of culture medium into and out of the matrix vessel that intermittently exposes the cells to aeration and nutrition. The upward oscillation exposes the cells to nutrition, while the downward oscillation exposes the cells to aeration and at the same time washes away products and wastes. This gentle oscillation produces no air bubbles and causes extremely low shear stress, which are both detrimental to the cells. VacciXcell offers two types tide motion bioreactors, differing in the production volume capacity.

Tide motion systems can be your companion in every step of your adherent culture processes. From R&D to production scale, there is a tide motion system just for you

  1. R&D Scale - VacciXcell Hybrid Bioreactor
  2. R&D/Lab Scale - CelCradle™ Bioreactor
  3. Pilot/Production Scale - TideXcell Bioreactor